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What is PHP ?

PHP stands for recursive initialism of Hypertext Preprocessor. Web development oriented this programming language is developed and supported by Apache Software Foundation as open source project.

PHP is very suitable for Server-Side-Scripting, but it can be used with GUI, CLI and TUI applications as well. Recent version of PHP was released just few months before.

Initially PHP was developed as set  CGI (Common Gateway Interface) binaries developed using C/C++. Since then it is evolving and next version will be PHP 6 which is under development.

Advantages of PHP Web Development

PHP is object oriented programming language and it has very powerful server side scripting features which are really useful in web development.. PHP web development and deployment is comparatively cost effective and simple when we compare it with Microsoft ASP.Net and Sun Java Server Pages.

Lot of support, sample codes in PHP are easily available on internet, making PHP learning and implementation easy. Plus PHP Developers community is always available for help and trouble shooting.

Number of servers which can support PHP Web Solutions are now reaching to whopping 20 million in current year! Such a huge support makes PHP one of the most popular web development language.

What is LAMP Development ?

LAMP Development means using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP for application development. PHP is P of LAMP development, though some people also replace it with Python or Perl also.

Popularity of LAMP development is increasing due to support and cost-effective web development it makes possible. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP - all are open source project available for free on internet and have a huge support of communities which makes them stable and robust.

LAMP web development is certainly one of the best options for companies who want to reduce cost without compromising quality and performance.

PHP Web Developers in India are Comparatively Affordable

India is known for its affordable and talented developers pool. PHP web developers in India are much more affordable than most western countries due to many reasons. India produces lacks of developer each year, from which almost one fifth are directly or indirectly related to PHP web development.

PHP web developers in India can afford to charge less as infrastructure and other costs are very low compared to other countries. Suitable demographics and ample availability is developers make India one of the most proffered destination for PHP web development.

EIS is Leading PHP Web Development Company of India

EIS is providing PHP web development services since PHP 4 was released. We have dedicated and experienced LAMP developers team to take on any challenging projects.

EIS has executed significant web development project with its dedicated team of PHP Web Developers. Contact us to know more about how we execute PHP project and services we can provide to you as a PHP web developers.
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