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Open Source Software Development Movement

Open Source Software Development Movement aims at developing softwares with help of programmers community and other interested parting making source-code openly available.

Open Source Software has certain advantages over traditional proprietary software development. Because source code of open source software is made public, it is we tested by interest groups publically making it hacker safe, robust and well optimized for performance.

Another advantage of open source software is of cost advantage. Because in most cases code is provided and optimized by contributor of community.

Open Source Development Tools

Thanks to open source software development movement, today significant number of development tools available to us. Most of such tools are free and very well supported.

PHP form Apache Software Solutions and Ruby on Rails are some of the best open source web development tools in market. Despite being open source and free to use, these tools are considered rock solid in performance and stability.

Motive of open source development tools is to provide developers with quality development environment at affordable or no cost without compromising quality and maintaining transparency.


DotNetNuke Web Development Framework is written in VB.Net using ASP.Net framework. One can customize content management system of DotNetNuke by using skins and modules.

DotNetNuke makes it very easy to create websites targeting internet or intranet. Also DotNetNuke is extensible using modules which makes it very flexible framework suitable for web software development.

One can judge popularity of DotNetNuke by the figure of downloads done till date, yet it has already crossed four million mark. Do remember EIS for your DotNetNuke Web Development needs.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or RoR is free web application development framework developed keeping two principles in mind. First principal is Convention over Configuration or CoC which means developer needs to specify only unconventional stuff otherwise conventional stuff will be handled by Ruby on Rails automatically. Other principal is DRY or Don't Repeat Yourself which emphasises on keeping information in single central place, like data definition is already available in table on RDBMS and Ruby on Rails will retrieve it automatically saving your time on developing other method.

One can develop truly dynamic and highly responsive web application using Ruby on Rails saving lot of time and effort. Contact EIS for your web development requirement that involves Ruby on Rails (RoR).


Joomla! is web development framework having great caching feature to create performance oriented websites for internet as well as intranet. Joomla! uses PHP and MySQL to create truly dynamic and database driven websites.

EIS has some of the best Joomla! Developers in its team. Do contact us for Joomla! Website Development Projects.
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