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What is Mobile Application Development ?

Mobile phones have started evolving as smaller and handy counterpart of personal computer or PCs. Today's hi-tech mobiles comes with lot of memory, processing power and multimedia support to support mobile application development.

Mobile Application Development has endless possibilities as mobile has almost all support that a normal PCs have. Using mobile not only you can communicate, but you can enjoy rich multimedia, have satellite navigation and of course enjoy internet using GPRS technology.

With improving support for bandwidth, its now possible to do live video conferencing and watch TV on mobiles. Mobile Application Development is all about creating versatile applications exploiting features of this technology.

Windows vs. Symbian Based Mobile Software Development

Like PCS, mobiles too have operating systems. Windows and Symbian have emerged as leading operating systems from tens of OSes now available for mobile platform.

Windows Mobile Software Development is very well supported and quite easy because it support Microsoft .Net Platform for mobiles. One can easily create Rich GUI mobile application which are capable to consume and provide services on internet. With such mobile applications one can created distributed network applications that can be used from anywhere in the world making data available centrally.

Some of the top mobile brands like Nokia and Sony Ericson are using Symbian as OS for their top-end mobile phones. This makes Symbian Mobile Application Development an attractive option. Rich documentation and easy to use integrated development environments are available for mobile software development.

Bulk Messaging ( SMS and MMS ) Application Software

Today mobile is not far behind from PC. From multimedia to internet - mobile can be used for various application but the most important and useful service provided by mobile is messaging through SMS and MMS.

Short Messaging Service or SMS is very cost effective way to send or broadcast messages to mobile users. Using bulk messaging application software one can broadcast thousands and lacks of messaging in very short time. Such application can be used by marketing people or those who provide share market kind of tickers.

EIS has developed bulk MMS and bulk SMS software, available on license purchase / pay per use basic. Contact us to know about Bulk Messaging software.

Bluetooth Application Development

Bluetooth is networking technology which generally provides local network in range of 10 to 100 meters. Bluetooth technology helps mobiles and many other such devices to interact with each other and transfer data.

EIS has talented team of Bluetooth Application Developers to develop robust software solutions. We have developed Bluetooth advertising software using which one can broadcast message using Bluetooth to all those mobiles which are in range and allow all incoming requests. Contact us to know more about Bluetooth technology applications.

PDA Software Solutions

PDA or Personal Digital Assistant's popularity graph is going up. PDAs are used to store information like appointments, contact numbers etc. With PDAs integration in mobile phone, its now possible to develop such PDA software solutions which can help you manage your business remotely.

For example, you are in marketing and sales and your staff sales products door to door. Or you may have very big factory and managers need to move on different sites in order to maintain and verify production targets. In situations like these PDA can save lot of time and effort in managing business. With PDA you can enable data entry of work done without worrying about location, you can get MIS reports in real-time that can help you a lot in taking right decision at right time.

EIS specializes in developing mobile and PDA software solutions. Contact us for more details on what PDA software can do for you.
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