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What is GPS (Global Positioning System) ?

GPS means Global Positioning System. GPS is dependent upon more than 24 satellites to function. Cost of running Global Positioning System has touched seven hundred and fifty US dollars per year! With use of GPS hardware and help of satellites one can come to know location of device. Using this technology various mapping, land surveying and scientific applications can be developed.

GPS hardware locates itself using trilateration which is process of calculating position measuring widths of imaginary triangle formed between one unknown and two know dot positions.

The devices like NavMan are result of Global Positioning System (GPS). New possibilities in this field are endless.

GPS Hardware and Software

Most important part of GPS is of course the satellites which precisely transmit radio signals on the face of earth. Hardware called GPS Receiver receives this signals from four or so satellites. GPS Receiver has code on chip to calculate its position. In some cases like GPS Receiver knows time precisely as atomic clock and previous location etc. then it can calculate position with three satellites also.

Using reading of GPS Receiver and historical data, one can develop application useful in fields lime map development, geographical imagery and other commercial applications. Commercially available GPS Receivers some time have hardware interface and supporting softwares as ActiveX or .Net or Java components, using which we can create business application easily.

GPS Software Development in India

Companies like EIS are involved in GPS Software Development in India since last few years. At EIS we have developed GPS softwares to track position of vehicles and making road map with shortest possible path to destination.

GPS Software Development in India is booming industry. Many companies globally are benefiting from affordable and talented GPS software developers of India. GPS Software Development in India is lot more cheaper than western countries, this helps increasing TCO of GPS Software Tools.

Contact EIS for developing Global Positioning System Softwares and GPS SDKs targeting different hardware.

GPS Software Development Toolkit by EIS

Looking at ever increasing demand of customized GPS software solutions, EIS has developed GPS Software Toolkit written as .Net Components to ease solution development on different devices and platforms.

Our toolkit supports industry standard receivers and you can develop custom hardware or system using it easily. Contact us for getting detailed information on various GPS Software Solutions specially developed by us.
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