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About .Net Development Platform

.Net Development Platform is also spelled as DotNet, was unveiled by Microsoft with target to ease desktop as well as web software development. .Net Framework, Visual Studio IDE and some other server technologies form overall .Net Development Platform. Microsoft has revolutionized web software development with this extremely popular offering.

.Net Framework applications are built on the services of the common language runtime (CLR) and consume functionality of the .Net Framework class library. Main components of the .Net Framework are the CLR and the .Net Framework class library, which include ASP.Net, Windows Forms, ADO.Net for data access and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). .Net Framework provides managed execution environment, simplified development and deployment. .Net framework eases software development by supporting various programming languages like, and

Future of .Net Development in India

Future of .Net Development in India is very bright. Microsoft is giving special attention to make .Net popular in India. Every year in India, more than eighty thousand .Net jobs are added. There are almost hundred programming related groups on web formed by Indians. Such groups arrange local meets and help developers share knowledge with each other.

.Net development in India is gaining momentum due to trend towards Microsoft technologies by training institute. More than seventy five percent programming training centres provide .Net training. Looking at ground situation in India, it seems that .Net Development will keep booming in future.

Benefits of ASP.Net Web Development

ASP.Net is basically server side web development technology, yet with introduction of AJAX controls its now delivering solid performance on client side too. There are many advantages of ASP.Net web development when its compared with competing technologies.

ASP.Net development is less time consuming compared to some other technologies due to lots and lots of functionality is inbuilt in the .Net framework. Market has very good support for ASP.Net web hosting. Another aspect is easy availability of ASP.Net developers. Due to Microsoft's proactive efforts in training .Net professionals, every year thousands of new quality ASP.Net developers are added to pool.

Major benefit of ASP.Net development is having ample support technology wise and easy availability of required human resources in this segment.

.Net Web Services and SaaS Concept

ASP.Net XML Web Services allows you to provide functionality on web without rendering user interface. Suppose you need to do currency conversion or you may want to know weather in particular area, you can consume a .Net web service for same. Your web application will call function of web service with appropriate parameters, server hosting web service will process function and deliver result to calling application.

Software as a Service (SaaS) concept takes advantage of ASP.Net XML Web Services model to deliver functionality in cyberspace. SaaS concept makes it possible to deliver functionality at reasonable rates. If software product is sold for once and all it will naturally be priced high compare to pay per use model of SaaS software.

Providing .Net Web Services as per SaaS model is very flexible and cost-effective model from consumers view and becoming popular nowadays.

Pros and Cons of .Net Desktop Application Development

.Net provides great support for developing Desktop Applications also called WinForms. Due to rich functionality library of .Net, developing a desktop application is easier than ever before. Supporting painting using GDI+ or Remoting or Maths related functionality, .Net has great code base to ease .Net development for desktop applications. Using Visual Studio and Tools for Ms Office, now its possible to develop Ms Outlook Add Ins in DotNet.

Right now DotNet platform is available on various windows operating systems. Suppose Microsoft extends support of .Net framework on Linux and Mac OS, then it will become possible to run same desktop application on those OSes also. For now we can say that Java has better support for such situations.

When .Net desktop is run on particular pc, resulted assembly is cached which is compiled specially for that configuration, it gives great boost to performance compared to similar technologies. Overall .Net desktop application development is pleasing experience.

Reason Behind Increasing Number of .Net Developers in India

Increasing popularity of ASP.Net web development and great demand from companies offshoring software projects, more and more developers are turning towards DotNet. Microsoft's quality support and large scale third party training institutes are contributing in adding numbers to .Net developers.

Demand and Supply factor is also working behind number increase in .Net Developers of India. Jobs in DotNet are almost doubling every year in Indian companies. There is great demand in US for Indian .Net developers due to quality and low-cost factor. Growing number of .Net developers in India is expected to fulfil all these needs.
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