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What is AJAX / Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ?

AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is used to create highly interactive and responsive web applications. All leading browse support JavaScript language, using which one can create responsive user interface as well as get necessary data from server in asynchronous way to update UI.

Use of JavaScript and XML in this way is popularly known as AJAX.

Why AJAX web development is becoming so popular ?

Reason for AJAX web development becoming popular is obvious. AJAX web development allows to create highly responsive websites which are very similar to desktop applications. Using AJAX one can update result in real-time - as whole UI is not rendered on every call to server, instead minimal changes are done based on received information as XML data.

In short AJAX web development has become popular, because one can create blazing fast desktop like web application using it.

AJAX Web Development at EIS, India

EIS has rich pool of highly technical web developers specializing in AJAX web development. There are more than hundred AJAX web development companies in India, yet EIS maintains it lead by innovation and creativity. We use industry standard best practices to achieve best performance in our solutions.

EIS has extensive experience in AJAX web development to take on any challenges. Do contact us for best possible solution in this segment.

AJAX Web Design Tips for Programmers / Coders


Tip 1 : Not all internet connections are very fast, some users may be using dial up connections. Try to keep footprint of client side code to lowest, so everybody can enjoy your site.

Tip 2 : Make sure all code is well tested and optimized to achieve performance. Call functions to server should retrieve only required data and nothing else, so unnecessary waste of bandwidth can be avoided.

Tip 3 : Different browsers has different capabilities and limitations. In order to maximize compatibility in AJAX web design evaluate all features keeping all browsers in mind.
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